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Support Char Reed creating Art!

How does Patreon work?

Patreon is a unique take on an ancient practice of supporting an artist’s work. Instead of relying on one wealthy patron, Patreon supports it’s artists by many small donations to equal something great and meaningful.

You can pledge as much or as little as you like. Also, you can place a cap on how much money you would like to spend each month. For instance, suppose you wanted to pledge $1 for every illustration I make. Say I went crazy and did 100 illustrations in a month. Instead of getting charged $100, you could put a cap on your account to $5/mo and once that amount was reached, you will not be charged any more than that $5.

I chose to be supported per illustration because sometimes I get very busy with client work and am not able to produce a new “side project” illustration every week. Getting paid per illustration allows me to only get paid once I produce artwork and to not get paid if I do not produce any artwork. At this point in time, this model works the best for me!

How does it support the artist?

As you can see, I have a few different interests. I enjoy painting pets as much as I enjoy painting fantasy creatures, so this is a place where I will be able to support artwork for each that I would otherwise be unable to produce.

For my Pet Pics, I would like to create books of dog, cat, horse and exotic breeds. There are over 170 registered AKC dog breeds alone and if I painted one breed a month- it would take 14 years to paint them all! Patreon support helps cover the cost of my time working on each illustration and allows me to eventually compile them all into a great coffee table book for you to enjoy!

For my fantasy creatures, Patreon support would allow me to do various projects. Currently on the docket is a series of Pegasus portraits. I would love for Patreon supporters to help suggest pegasus pairings- Arabian horse and Peregrine falcon! Hummingbird and Shetland pony! The possibilities are endless and fun. I would like to make each project into a book, but I can really only make time for these “side projects” through Patreon support!

What does a supporter get in return?

I offer various tiers with increasingly greater benefits in each tier. Even $1 will get you access to special behind-the-scenes drawings, sketches, paintings in progress and even videos of the process or “how to” tutorials! Pledge $5 (even only one time!) and get an exclusive 10% off a custom Pet Pic!

I look forward to communicating with my supporters and adding bigger and better Pledge rewards in the future. Become a Patreon supporter to help influence the rewards!

Please check out my page:

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